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We have a long and proud history that we invite you to be a part of.

Here is a list of Dojos in this state. Each has it's own page and details. Click on any Dojo Location to see the individual page.

Carl Marriott

K.U.A. Australian Chief Instructor


Representative of Universal Karate - Japan.


Shihan Marriott began his training with Kyokushin Karate and after five years training four nights a week received his 1st Dan.


Marriott Sensei also holds a 1st degree and 4th degree black belt in two other styles witch he never mentions, this  is an example of his dedication to Martial Arts.


After crossing over to Shotokan Karate Sensei began dedicating himself to our style "Karate Union Of Australia" and to this day still train's five days a week. In his spare time sensei studies Chinese Massage and Auricular Therapy. Sensei Marriott has represented Australia and W.A. in the Australian Karate Federation in both Kumite and Kata. Sensei  has travelled to many places coaching and competing these include Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, America and Japan 12 times.


Sensei is very passionate about martial arts and the development of his students and often says "When you begin karate you begin a life long journey, you developed your body and mind. It's not about how fast you can receive your belts but how hard you can train your body and mind to achieve the best it can."


Sensei Marriott teaches at Fremantle Police and citizens youth club Tuesday and Thursday and attends surrounding branches through out the week. 

 Here is a list of Dojos in this state. Each has it's own page and details.
Head Dojo - Hilton Yangebup
Claremont Coogee
Margaret River Clackline / Toodyay

A little about our Dojos


Toodyay and Bakers Hill are both situated in the beautiful Avon Valley, east of Perth and Bindoon is north, nestled in the lush Chittering Valley. They are small rural communities about an hour and a half from the metropolitan area.


The Karate Club began when a small group of people in the Clackline area got together on Sunday afternoons in 1991 to train in the little tin shed grandly named the Clackline Community Hall. Their first contest to determine Club Champion boasted 14 competitors and took only 2 hours to run. But then the “karate-bug” had taken hold! Since then it has grown to encompass 3 branches in Toodyay, Bakers Hill and Bindoon and now has a membership of over 100 students, not counting the ladies who come along each week to the Tai-Bo classes for fun and fitness.


A friendly “family” atmosphere always prevails in the Dojos -

everyone “belongs”, no matter what their age or ability.


The Club is very proud  to have fostered and trained State Champions and members of the W.A. Karate Team. Senior members of this club have been accepted and graded in overseas Dojos, completed coaching and referee accreditations and taken their karate with them into new adventures. We share knowledge, ideas and experience. 

Friday club challenge  -   The “Karate Learning Journey”

This is for the whole club - Toodyay, Bakers Hill and Bindoon, Littlies to Biggies, White Belts to Black Belts, Beginners to Veterans, Mums and Dads. 

The idea is that on the last Friday of every month we will conduct a mini-tournament to determine the club champion for that month in Kata and Kumite. Winners of each age group will get their names on the “honour board” and it will be up to the rest of the students to try to take the title from them in the next round. 


Divisions will be determined on the day depending on numbers of participants (if there are 20 x 8 year olds, it will be divided into boys and girls / upper belts and lower belts, but if there are only 2, they will be joined with other groups according to their ability) So make sure we have lots of participants to make it interesting. This is for learning (and for socializing). 


We will use all of the proper competition gear, mats, timers, score cards etc, so that new students and parents can grasp the rules and protocol of competitive karate and our serious athletes can get match practice. Senior students will study how to judge, referee and organize as well as demonstrate their own special talents and interested parents can learn about scoring.  Sounds like fun ?  It will only work if the whole club gets behind it.  


We know that life gets in the way at times, but join in as often as you can.

Participation in all Club Challenges is Compulsory training for those students who wish to enter the Nationals

Upcoming Events 

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