Welcome to the Coogee Dojo!

At Coogee Dojo we train in a large hall with polished wooden floors. There are toilets available and plenty of off-street parking.

Our club has members ranging in age from 4 to 50 years and we offer a diverse training regimen offering an emphasis on traditional Shotokan Karate incorporating fitness, self defence, competition and fun. Among our instructors and students are many successful medal winners on State, National and International levels. 

For beginners, we offer a full and comprehensive programme designed to help you reach your potentials and for senior grades we have an advanced protocol for development of practical use of Kata Bunkai in real-life situations.

For information on our training for children, we have a new page with answers to your most frequently asked questions... Click Here


South Coogee Primary School Hall, Moverly Rd South Coogee, between Elphinstone Rd and MacLeay St. 


Free Parking on site!


Location Map

Training times:   

  • Junior Class (Ages 4 to 13)

  • 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • Adults Class (Ages 14 Up)

  • 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

  • Tuesdays Only

Instructors:   See Below



Junior Classes - Sensei Nicole

Mobile: 0421 046 550

E-Mail: nicole.kalish@kua.com.au


Adults Classes - Sensei Robert

Mobile: 0418 686 320

E-Mail: robert.traurig@kua.com.au

Beach Training is an experience you shouldn't miss. We train right on the sand, facing the breaking surf with the sun at our backs at normal training times on certain days (as below). When on the beach, we're not hard to find.


The soft sand adds certain elements to our training which helps develop additional muscle-tone and balance. We also often receive welcome guests from the public, other KUA Dojos, and even other organisations within Karate, who all come and share the experience with us.


There's nothing like it. Join us!

Sensei Nicole Kalish

2nd Dan Black Belt (KUA), 

KUA Instructor.

State / National / International Competition Medallist

Sensei Robert Traurig

3rd Dan Black Belt (KUA), 

KUA Instructor.

State / National / International Competition Medallist

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